Mo Katz-Christy, Clinical Herbalist

Work with herbs, dietary supports, and gentle lifestyle shifts to help you meet your health goals.

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Mo Finds Tree

Schedule a free intro call above to learn what an herbal consulatation is all about and whether or not we might be a good fit for each other. For most people, this is your first time meeting with a clinical herbalist and it can be helpful to talk through what you’re looking for and see if I might be able to support you.

What does an herbal consult look like?

We meet for 1.5-2 hours for a thorough conversation where we go through all of your body systems and see which patterns might be at the root of the symptoms you are experiencing. I spend ~2-3 hours afterwards researching and writing up a thorough protocol for you, which I’ll send to you by email. Once we settle on a protocol that you feel excited about, I’ll send the formulas to an apothecary to be filled, and you’ll receive your herbs in the mail.

How often do we check in?

As often as feels productive to you! Often, it is hard for us to track our own process – I have clients who forget they used to have headaches and are very pleased when we meet and they realize that their headaches are gone! For most people, I recommend meeting once every six weeks for at least three visits and then every 3-6 months afterwards. However, some chronic issues can be like onions – once we peel one layer away we discover another layer to care for – and can require more care and attention.

Appointment Pricing

Complementary intro call 15 minutes free!
Initial consult 90-120 minutes $120
Follow-up 30-60 minutes $60
Bundle   Initial and two follow-ups for $200

Cost of herbs

Herbs can cost anywhere from $50-$200 per month. You are welcome to source your herbs anywhere and I can support you in using foods or lower-cost remedies to work within your budget. I primarily use Heart Hand Lands apothecary for my clients’ formulas because they source quality, sustainable, relatively affordable herbs. I do not receive any income from the sale of herbs.